If you have a question that is not answered here, don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I get spare parts for my tools?

Yes. We stock a broad range of parts for all tools that we distribute. Simply contact us and we can arrange the parts that you need.

Eclipse only stocks world-class products from reputable companies such as Campagnola, Simes, Barnel & Falket so you can be sure that all products purchased from Eclipse will be well supported qualtiy service and spares for many years.

How can I order your tools?

Go to the contact page to find your nearest distributor of Eclipse products. We have over 300 resellers throughout Australia so there is likely to be one in your area.

How can I get my tools serviced?

Eclipse can service your tools. Just send them to us at the end of your season to have them serviced, ready for the next season.

Service and maintenance programs are also available. Contact us or your local distributor for more information.

I am a retailer and want to stock Eclipse products in my shop.

You can easily become a distributor of Eclipse products. Contact either Con or Leon Atsalis for more information.

Eclipse offers unparalleled service, reliability and availability when it comes to meeting the needs of Eclipse distributors.

Can you advise me on the correct air tools & accessories to suit my needs?

Yes. We can advise and supply from the correct size compressor, preferred length and diameter polyurethane air tube, to the correct air tool to prune or harvest your crop.

Can I order your products from New Zealand?

Certainly. Our national distributors for Campagnola products in New Zealand is Allendale Garden Prodcuts. Allendale stock a broad range of products and spares for Campagnola tools. They will be more than happy to field your enquiries.

If you are interested in other brands within our range, we can assist by putting you in touch with your local agent.