NEW Campagnola Pony EVO - Electronic pruning shear

A small yet powerful work horse for the vineyard. With Campagnola, quality is clear cut.

The all new Pony EVO was devised by the Campagnola research and development department as the perfect portable electronic pruner for fast pruning. The specially designed cutting head ensures very effective pruning spurs and the vineyard and shoots in the orchard.
You can rest assured that with the Pony you are getting a fast, reliable, versatile, comfortable, easy to use and above all safe pruning solution.
Powered by a new lightweight and super slim, Lithium ion battery pack and fitted with a secure, adjustable harness; the Pony EVO is designed to fit most body types comfortably. The Pony EVO features multiple cutting modes, which are easily selectable via the belt mounted control box:
  • AUTO100 – The mobile cutting blade opens to its maximum cutting capacity; cutting branches up to 25mm with great speed.
  • AUTO70 – Reduces the cutting capacity to 17.5mm or 70% of the maximum blade opening.
  • AUTO40 – The cutting blade closes even further granting a maximum cutting capacity of 10mm or 40% of the maximum blade opening. This is the fastest cutting mode and is perfect for spur pruning.
  • MANUAL – The progressive cutting mode synchronises the cutting blade movement with pressure exerted on the operating lever. This mode is recommended until the operator is accustomed to using the Pony or for very precise cutting applications.
  • SERVICE – This mode displays a cut counter and blade tension indicator for easy maintenance.

Both AUTO70 & AUTO40 modes incorporate a double tap feature. If the trigger is pressed twice in rapid succession, the cutting capacity will open to a 100% or one cut before returning to either 70% or 40%.

The Campagnola focus on safety ensures all cutting modes allow the operator to cancel the mobile blade cutting action at any time by releasing the operating lever. The Pony EVO is also fitted with various safety and fastening devices safeguarding the operator against accidental breakage or personal injury.
Smooth rubber grips, an ergonomic operating trigger, balanced weight distribution and an angled cutting head make the Pony EVO feel as if it is an extension of the arm; twisting, turning and moving the wrist is less tiring and more comfortable as a result.
The Pony EVO has a battery endurance of 10 hours, which is displayed via LED light on the battery pack.

Technical Information

  • Hand piece weight – 770g
  • Battery weight – 1.7kg
  • Maximum cutting capacity – 25mm
  • Battery voltage - 51 V
  • Battery endurance – 10 hours
  • Battery type - Lithium ion
Included with the Cobra:
  • Pony electronic shear
  • Pony control box
  • Pony Lithium ion battery and harness
  • Pony holster
  • Pony arm band (for cable fastening)
  • Pony battery charger
  • Campagnola sharpening stone
  • Spray grease
  • Pony instruction manual
  • Pony warranty forms