Simes ST Series wire joiners

Each  ST Series wire joiner is made from 100% extremely durable steel including the specialised roller mechanism, which allows the wire to move in one direction only. The ZAMAK (Zinc, Aluminium, Manganese and Copper) steel rollers are highly resistant to the corrosive effect caused by chemicals and fertilisers. When used in conjunction with the Simes wire straining tool, the ST Series can quickly and easily apply the ideal tension to wires.

The Simes ST1 wire joiner is the best solution when attaching and securing wire around end of the row posts in fencing, trellising and industrial applications.

The ST2, ST3 & ST4 are designed to quickly join and apply tension to all types of wire in agricultural and industrial fencing applications, especially when fixing two wires together or securing wire wrapped around a fence post. 

Technical Information


Order CodeWire DiameterMaximum TensionQty Per PacketQty Per CartonCarton Qty Per Pallet
ST11.8 > 3.0mm400kg2030096
ST21.8 > 3.0mm400kg2025096
ST31.3 > 2.5mm250kg2030096
ST42.7 > 4.0mm600kg1515096