TOM System

Save time and money with the innovative AgriFast TOM-System; greenhouse trellising applicator and clips.

TOM-System is the new, quick and easy working method for trellising greenhouse tomato plants to string lines.

The AgriFast V-45 ring clips are fastened using the Model TT234 electronic application tool. These metal clips support loads similar to plastic clips, do not hinder plant growth and support formation of the stem.

The Model TT234 allows the user to apply ring clips to string line up to 50% faster than standard clipping methods and requires no specialised training.

Video Link: Growers using the new TOM-System electronic applicator and V-45 staples are reaching 1,800 clips per hour.

Video Link: 3 workers clip a 7 hectare glasshouse in the Netherlands.

What are the benefits of TOM System?

  • User friendly with no specialised training required
  • Reduces damage to the plant caused using other trellising methods
  • Reduces transport costs compared to other clips
  • Reduced fatigue on the operator
  • Reduces labour costs by +/- 40%
  • Battery will last a full day plus
  • TOM-System can hold plants in excess of 8kg
  • Clip closure between 22mm and 23mm


Technical Information

AgriFast Model TT234: Electronic fastening tool

Battery   Li-ion
Range   8 hours +
Recharge time   2 hours
Back pack weight   2kg
Hand piece weight   1kg

AgriFast V45 Series: Trellising clips

Quantity per box   3,500        
Maximum clip closure   22mm
Clip diameter   1.39mm