Falket Model - 8066/A

The innovative Falket FAL8066/A design features a drop forged cutting blade, which cuts against a lightweight solid cast, aluminum anvil. The anvil system acts as a stabilizer during the cutting process, ensuring any sideways twisting is eliminated, giving you smooth, clean cuts every time.

As with the other loppers in the Falket compound range, the 8066/A allows the user to make larger cuts with minimum effort thanks to the dual pivot points. All Falket tools are made of the highest quality materials, have fully replaceable parts as spares and are recommended for heavy-duty pruning in the viticulture, horticulture & landscape industries.

Technical Information

The Falket FAL8066/A

  • Cutting capacity - 52mm
  • Style - Compound/Anvil cut
  • Handle length - 63cm
  • Overall length - 80cm
  • Weight - 1020g

The Falket FAL6066/A

  • Cutting capacity - 45mm
  • Style - Compound/Anvil cut
  • Handle length - 42cm
  • Overall length - 60cm
  • Weight - 950g