Campagnola Pneumatic Lopper – Star 50

Both the Campagnola F6 & Star 50 loppers share rank as the most powerful air powered tools in the Campagnola range. The Star 50 can cut 50mm hard wood with minimal effort making it ideal for use in the forestry, horticulture and grounds keeping industries. The forged blade and extended anvil system allows deeper penetration into heavy canopies and greater hold on the branch. The ST50-SHORT is especially popular in the viticulture industry when re-working old vines.

Technical Information

The incredibly versatile Star 50 is available in various lengths up to 3 meters:

  • ST50-SHORT – Includes no additional extension (weight 2.17kg).
  • ST50-0.5 – Features a half-meter extension (weight 2.63kg).
  • ST50-1.0 – Features a 1-meter extension (weight 3kg).
  • ST50-1.5 – Features a 1.5-meter extension (weight 3.4kg).
  • ST50-2.0 – Features a 2-meter extension (weight 3.8kg).
  • ST50-2.5 – Features a 2.5-meter extension (weight 4.2kg).
  • ST50-3.0 – Features a 3-meter extension (weight 4.55kg).

Both the Campagnola F6 & Star 50 loppers are the only tools in the range with a double action air return system so that compressed air is used to close and open the blade. This feature assists in dislodging the blade from excessive cuts.