The most efficient Tying System for Greenhouse

Are you looking at an efficient cost effective way to train and secure your plants up the string line in your glasshouse or hydroponic set up. Then it is time to look at the Tomsystem.

The Tom Clip was initially introduced for the Tomato industry, but has now been found to be as effective on cucumber, peppers and eggplant crops.

The clip is of metal wire and has a unique design that when applied with the aid of the Tom Tool, clinches onto the string and closes around the plants stem. This supports the plant to the string. The grip on the string can be adjusted so that the string is not cut. The tool itself has evolved since its original inception back in 2012. It is now more ergonomic and much faster.

Advantages of the Tomsystem are:

  1. Speed – fastest clipping method by up to 40% hence reduces labour costs
  2. Easy to learn how to apply
  3. Metal clip – is totally biodegradable and can be disposed of with the plant
  4. Reduces dumping costs
  5. Safe for plant – no damage as compared to twisting or use of larger plastic clips
  6. Smaller clip by volume – reduces transport and storage cost

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