Campagnola Lithium ion batteries – Li 170

The Cobra Pro is powered by the latest in Lithium Ion battery technology from Campagnola. The power pack features a 4-bar energy indicator LED to inform the operator of the current charge status. The new form fitting pack and super slim battery design allows for better operator movement and comfort. Although the battery itself only weighs 1.2kgs, it has a 9 plus hour working autonomy. As an added safeguard against battery failure and for safety purposes the battery has an “inactivity” cut-out timer. After being inactive for 20 minutes, the battery will switch off to prevent accidental flattening or tool discharge.

Technical Information

  • Type – Lithium Ion
  • Weight – 1.2kg
  • Voltage – 58.8V
  • Capacity – 3.5Ah
  • Power – 170W
  • Autonomy – 9 hours’ plus
  • Recharge time – 2 hours
  • Recharge Interval in off season – 6 months