Campagnola Olive Shaker – El Toro

The Campagnola El Toro is a class leading hook shaker used for the harvesting of olives and various nut varieties. The secret to the efficiency of the El Toro lies in the balance between weight and shaking speed allowing the El Toro excellent vibrating performance.

The Campagnola El Toro stands alone when compared to other engine driven hook shakers due to a special kinetic motion transmission (patented by Campagnola), which cancels out all vibrations to the operator. The Kinematic mechanism operates by isolating the user and the handling points from the engine, drive train and extension pole. This innovative system absorbs any vibrations normally felt by the user, transmitting all energy to the limb being shaken, therefore making the El Toro an incredibly efficient harvester.



Technical Information

  • Engine cubic capacity – 52.5 cc.
  • Engine type  – Two stroke.
  • Power – 2.8HP or 2.1kW.
  • Unit weight – 14.5kg.
  • Supplied with Campagnola shoulder strap and cap.
  • Dimensions without extension pole – Height 350cm x Length 910cm x Width 290cm.
  • Extension pole length: 200cm