Campagnola Puma

An unyielding workhorse for the modern horticulturist. With Campagnola, quality is clear cut.
The Puma was developed by Campagnola as a professionally viable alternative to petrol burning chainsaws. Consequently, the Puma is powerful, lightweight, extremely fast and quiet. The Puma is supplied with a converter and 10 metre extension cable for use with a 12 volt lead-acid battery. A 100amp/hr, deep cycle battery will power the Puma for up to 8 hours before requiring recharge – the approximate battery endurance is dependent on the number of cuts performed and type of wood cut. A battery larger than 100amps/hr will yield longer periods before recharge.

The Campagnola Puma incorporates all of the safety and modern innovations you have come to expect from a quality saw:

  • Inertial chain brake
  • Safety trigger system
  • Motor protection against pole reversal at battery connection
  • Motor protection from overheating
  • Motor protection against excessive current drawn
  • Kickback protection with hand guards and integrated chain break
  • Automatic chain & bar lubrication
  • LED power and warning indicator

The LED indicator light glows green when the Puma is live; during cutting, if excessive pressure is applied the motor will reduce the chain speed and the LED will flash red. This warns the operator and they can reduce pressure accordingly. The LED will then return to green, chain speed will increase and the operator can proceed as normal.

Supplied with either a 200mm (8”) or 250mm (10”), Oregon cutting bar and ¼ inch pruning chain for smooth, precise cuts. The Puma is available as either a handheld model or mounted to a telescopic extension pole (180cm to 240cm).



Technical Information

  • Puma weight – 1.8kg
  • Puma with telescopic pole weight – 3.4kg
  • Extension pole length – 1.4m to 2m
  • Brushless motor
  • Electronic management system
  • Engine power – 800W
  • Average consumption – 35 amps
  • Chain profile – ¼”
  • Battery endurance – 1 working day with a 100+ amp/hr, 12v battery
  • Power cord length – 10m