Peerless PHP52 – Stationary petrol powered compressor

This is the big daddy of all petrol compressors. Perfect for all your air needs when there is no power available.

Warranty: 5 years on the pump and 3 years on the Honda motor.

  • Can run 11 sets of Campagnola pneumatic secateurs simultaneously.
  • Can run 6 sets of Campagnola pneumatic olive harvesters simultaneously.
  • Can run 2 sets of Campagnola pneumatic chain saws simultaneously.


Technical Information

Notes Model Number Cylinders Free Air Free Air @ (PSI) Engine Pump Type Pump RPM Tank Size (L) Max PSI Mounting Weight Dimensions (LxWxH)
Pump up time to 150PSI 1.35mins PHP52P 3 1040LPM 150 (Max 175) GX390 PETROL W95II 1020 150 175 STATIONARY 219KG 147 x 50 x 107