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Campagnola is based in Bologna Italy, and is a world leader and pace-setter in the production of pneumatic and electronic systems for ease of pruning and harvesting. Campagnola prides itself on the ‘Made In Italy’ symbol where products all receive the highest attention to detail. This makes them some of the finest and most sought after products available for the various horticulture industries.

A Portland, Oregon USA company, BarnelĀ® has been meeting and exceeding expectations for more than 24 years. Their commitment to continuous quality improvement promotes the manufacture of superior quality hand tools for the professional or serious hobbyist.

AgriFast/SIMES are based in Pamplona with their head office in Barcelona, Spain. They have a highly dynamic team and are today considered as one of the strongest and most solid companies in the fastening sector.

Falket is based in Premana Italy, which is a world famous area for the production of high quality forged steel cutting utensils. Falket manufacture forged loppers and secateurs with an artisan feel to their product range. They are truly unique and are in a class of their own.

We partner with these companies as THEY ARE unique in their field and constantly exploring inNovative AND RELIABLE PRODUCT SOLUTIONS THAT WE THEN PASS ON TO YOU.

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