Agrifast Fastener Model 155

The Agrifast Model 155 fastener is used to apply the Agrifast E-Series staples when fastening poly pipe or irrigation lines of varying diameters to wire in the Vineyard or Orchard. Like all Agrifast products and tools the Agrifast Model 155 is easy to use, hard wearing, serviceable and has fully replaceable parts.

E-Series features:

ECONOMY: 50% saving in manpower and tying materials. Specialised manpower not required.
ENDURANCE: up to 10 years.
TYING QUALITY: the AgriFast ‘E’ staple allows expansion and contraction of the pipe without affecting the fastening strength and without slipping. Placed near the dripper it ensures precise irrigation.
PLACEMENT: recommended placement of staples at half metre intervals along the pipes length.

Video link: Agrifast E-Series irrigation fastener used to install poly pipe in the vineyard.

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Technical Information

The Agrifast Fastener Model 155 has a fixed magazine (included) to suit the Agrifast E-Staple:

  • E50 to suit 25-28mm outside diameter hosepipe