Barnel B808 Precision bypass pruning secateurs

The 20cm Barnel B808 bypass pruner has been designed to suit multiple, professional horticultural industries. The ergonomically designed handles are inlayed with pressure injected rubber and constructed from moulded aluminium; This helps to keep weight at a minimum without compromising on durability.

The automatic, spring loaded locking system allows the user to disengage the safety lock by squeezing the handles together. A deep sap groove and precise slicing action makes cutting green wood up to 23mm easy.



Technical Information

  • Cutting capacity up to 23mm
  • Deep sap groove keeps blade unobstructed, resulting in cleaner cuts
  • High carbon steel blades
  • Self oiling centre bolt
  • Auto spring loaded locking system
  • Double bumper shock absorbing system
  • Ergonomically moulded handles with pressure injected rubber grips
  • Overall length 18cm
  • Weighs only 225g