Campagnola Fixed Extension Poles – EXT Series

The Campagnola EXT series, fixed extension poles are made from anodized aluminium, rendering them light yet incredibly strong. The thread size adapts directly to the entire range of Campagnola pneumatic chainsaws and harvesters but can also be used in conjunction with Campagnola pneumatic secateurs by means of an easily fitted adaptor.

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Technical Information

  • EXT0.5 – Half-meter extension (weighs 660g).
  • EXT1.0 – 1-meter extension (weighs 780g).
  • EXT1.5 – 1.5-meter extension (weighs 900g).
  • EXT2.0 – 2-meter extension (weighs 1.03kg).
  • EXT2.5 – 2.5-meter extension (weighs 1.15kg).
  • EXT3.0 – 3-meter extension (weighs 1.28kg).