Campagnola – Olistar Tuono

The Olistar Tuono is a design modification of the old Olistar Metal Top; sold in the thousands world-wide. A trusted and efficient olive harvester, the Tuono is perfect for removing oil bearing varieties on well pruned trees.

The new Tuono harvester is fitted with the classic ‘diapason’ or tuning fork shaped fingers used by the Olistar Metal Top and the Olistar Evolution before it. The main design improvement of the Tuono is the new short stroke system, which reduces the rake opening and increases its speed to 1800 beating movements per minute. This not only allows for a more vigorous harvest and a reduction in defoliation, the short stoke system also reduces the amount of free air required to run the Tuono. While all other pneumatic harvesters manufactured by Campagnola use 200 litres of free air per minute, the Tuono only uses 150.

Like other Olistar variants, the Tuono features a body made of magnesium alloy which reduces stoppages in areas of low temperatures and areas of high humidity. The Tuono is light weight at 1kg and is well balanced for comfortable use for extended periods.

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Technical Information

  • A working radius of 27cm.
  • Metal cast body allows for longer periods of use in areas of high humidity.
  • The Tuono beats at 1800 strokes per minute.
  • Weighs only 1000g.
  • Requires only 150 litres of free air per minute (6 bar max.).
  • Excellent debris protection for the inner workings of the motor.
  • Short Stroke: very reduced rakes opening, which allows the tool to move among the branches very quickly and easily, without damaging the tree.
  • Diapason-shaped rake teeth (patented by Campagnola), which allow to harvest even the smallest and more resistant olives very easily.
  • Allows selective harvesting. The operator can choose which fruit to harvest and which to by-pass.
  • Campagnola patented telescopic extensions in light weight Aluminium which makes the job much easier, particularly when the trees are over 3 metres in height.
  • Even on the longest extension total weight is less than 2.8kg (only 2.4kg on the medium telescopic which is the most popular).