Campagnola Pneumatic Pruner – Victory

The very latest innovation in the range of Campagnola pneumatic tools, the Victory replaces the Superstar 2, Star 35 and F4 (handheld) as the ultimate all round pruning shear for fruit growers.

The Victory is a reimagining of all the elements that made those that preceded it in the Campagnola range great. More power – More speed – More cost effective.

The new design improves upon its predecessors with the best power to weight ratio in its category, a non-slip and comfortable grip and 15% more cutting power.

The Victory is recommended for use in either Vineyard or Orchard.

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Technical Information

  • Co-molding of anti-slipping rubber
  • 32mm cutting capacity
  • Weighs only 510g
  • CARBON techno-polymer body
  • Blade group in highly resistant, hardened steel
  • Active and passive safety device
  • Upper protection cove to prevent impurities from entering the body
  • Joint connection of trigger and guard for a quick disassembling
  • Short-stroke trigger system prevents unnecessary fatigue
  • Anti-freezing valve
  • Easy maintenance
  • All parts available in Australia as spares