Simes Pneumatic Fastener Model 61

The Simes Model 61 Pneumatic Fencing Fastener is used to apply the Simes A-Series staples when fastening during fencing, greenhouse and cage construction or repair. The Simes Model 61 is easy to use, heavy duty, has a regulator for setting hog ring diameter, serviceable and has fully replaceable parts.

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Technical Information

  • The Simes Model 61 weighs 1.2kg.
  • Uses up to two hog rings per second (max).
  • Holds up to two full clips of Simes hog rings (76 total).
  • Running Pressure – 55psi (min) to 85psi (max)
  • The Simes Pneumatic Fastener Model 61 has a fixed magazine (included) to suit the Simes A-Staple;
  • A-18 galvanized hog ring.