Simes Tape tool Model 145

Simes is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial nails and staples in the world and the Simes Tape Tool is the biggest selling tape tool in Europe. The Simes model 145 Tape Tool is designed and manufactured to suit our harsh Australian climate. A heavy duty tool, engineered to quickly and efficiently train and fasten in the vineyard, nursery and orchard.

Simes horticultural tying tape to suit the Model 145 Tape Tool is versatile and comes in a variety of different colours and sizes.

White Red Blue Olive Green
length 20m 24m 24m 24m 24m
Thickness 188 micron 156 micron 156 micron 156 micron 156 micron


  • 10 Rolls per box.
  • 27 Boxes per carton.

Simes 604 Flex Staples (TTST5040) are shatter proof and crimped to ensure a 100% staple success rate.


  • Approximately 5,040 staples per packet.
  • 10 packets per box.
  • 15 boxes per carton.

Technical Information
The tool is of robust construction with many features that put it ahead of its competitors. These features include:

  • Wider opening than any other tool on the market.
  • Adjustable opening. It can be adjusted from 0 to 80mm wide.
  • The large arch on the jaw gives it a larger tying diameter than its competitors.
  • Holds more staples than other tape tools, therefore less time wasted with loading.
  • The staple slide is fixed to the tool so it won’t get lost when re-loading staples.
  • The tape is simple to load, again leading to less downtime.
  • The tape can be tensioned for tighter ties or flower bunching.
  • Smooth easy action requiring less effort.
  • Blades are longer than other brands giving them a better cutting capacity and longer life.
  • Simes tape cuts better and has a much better stretching capacity than other tapes.
  • The tape also comes in several colours and grades.
  • Simes staples are better glued than other brands resulting in less jamming in operation.
  • The staples are slightly crimped for a 100% success rate.