Barnel Fixed Length, Fiberglass Extension Pole – Z555PFM Z555PMM

Barnel interconnecting fiberglass poles are a lightweight, low cost alternative to the Barnel Z555 series telescopic poles.

Barnel Z655PMM:

  • Weighs 990g.
  • 183cm in length.
  • Male/Male end configuration.
  • Suits Barnel Z-Head and B555 rope pull pruner without an adaptor.

Barnel Z655PFM:

  • Weighs 1000g.
  • 183cm in length.
  • Female/Male end configuration.
  • Suits Z-Head, B555 & B177Z with the Z655PR adaptor.
  • Suits Z555+S & Z550+S pole saws with the Z655PO adaptor.

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