Campagnola Eco Plus 1500 – PTO compressor

These tractor-mounted compressors are characterised by a sober design and are extremely compact, robust and reliable, manufactured from the highest quality parts.
The Campagnola wide range of compressors is the result of years of research and expertise in the field of pneumatic equipment. This has directly attributed to more efficient and reliable products, which Campagnola has become renowned for the world over.

The Eco Plus range are PTO or “Power Take-Off” compressors, meaning they connect via a standard three point linkage to a tractor drive shaft to draw power. An excellent feature of the Eco Plus line is the big flywheel which, as well as balancing the rotating parts, acts as fan to cool the compressor block.

The Eco Plus also features a pin for mounting a hose reel and glycerine pressure gauges. The large 1500 litre/min free air delivery makes the Eco Plus a must for farms of any size.



Technical Information

  • 5 quick release couplings (configured to user requirements).
  • Twin 20 litre air tanks.
  • Automatic pilot valve/unloader.
  • 1500 litres of free air delivery – equivalent to 53 cubic feet per minute.
  • Up to 156psi or 11 bar of pressure.
  • Can run 15 sets of Campagnola pneumatic secateurs simultaneously.
  • Can run 8 sets of Campagnola pneumatic olive harvesters simultaneously.
  • Can run 3 sets of Campagnola pneumatic chain saws simultaneously.
  • Weighs only 178kg.

The Campagnola Eco Plus 1500 requires 30 horse power, drawn from a tractor differential to run.