Campagnola MC 550 – Petrol powered compressor

The engine-driven MC 550 compressor has a well-balanced frame and twin air tanks that deliver 537 litres of free air per minute. The Campagnola wide range of compressors is the result of years of research and expertise in the field of pneumatic equipment. This has directly attributed to more efficient and reliable products, which Campagnola has become renowned for the world over. The MC 550 is fitted with a pneumatic self-regulating device, which only applies throttle when required; This reduces parts wear-and-tear, fuel consumption, noise and exhaust gases.

The MC 550 comes equiped with heavy duty pneumatic tires, a lubricator/filter, safety valve and your choice of either Ryco, Nitto, Jamec or European style couplings (x3).



Technical Information

  • GX 200 Honda gasoline engine, 6.5 HP
  • 3/8” filter regulator and lubricator
  • Twin 11-litre air tanks
  • Automatic pilot valve/unloader
  • Pin for assembling a hose reel
  • 537 litres of free air per mintue
  • Can run 5 sets of Campagnola pneumatic secateurs simultaneously.
  • Can run 3 sets of Campagnola pneumatic olive harvesters simultaneously.
  • Can run 1 Campagnola pneumatic chain saw.
  • Weighs only 73kg.