Campagnola – Golia: Pneumatic table olive harvester

Through years of advanced research into the best methods for olive harvesting, Campagnola are very proud to present the very latest pneumatic harvester: Golia.

The Campagnola Golia is very effective at removing multiple varieties and thanks to the new rake movement, the harvesting radius is widened greatly making it incredibly efficient also. This completely new design of harvester features dual harvesting rakes with long and short splayed fingers, which move sideways in opposite directions, moving away and then crossing over one another. The harvesting fingers are designed to cover as much area in the canopy as possible and are made from a soft, ductile material so that they neither damage your olives nor cause excess defoliation.

The maximum working pressure of the Campagnola Golia is 7 bar. However, unlike other pneumatic harvesters, the Golia can be run at between 4 and 5 bar effectively. Running the Golia at this lowered pressure makes it an excellent tool for harvesting table olives.

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Technical Information

  • A wide working radius of 36cm.
  • Metal cast body allows for longer periods of use in areas of high humidity.
  • The Golia beats at 1600 strokes per minute.
  • Weighs only 980g.
  • Excellent debris protection for the inner workings of the motor.
  • 20cm-long, interchangeable fingers, made of very flexible techno polymer; perfect for any kind of olive-tree foliage
  • Allows selective harvesting. The operator can choose which fruit to harvest and which to by-pass.
  • Campagnola patented telescopic extensions in light weight Aluminium which makes the job much easier, particularly when the trees are over 3 metres in height.
  • Even on the longest extension total weight is less than 2.8kg (only 2.4kg on the medium telescopic which is the most popular).