Campagnola pneumatic chainsaw – Laser

The Campagnola Laser is a lightweight and easy to handle chainsaw with an automatic chain lubrication system. The Laser chainsaw not only achieves the standard set by it’s predecessor, it surpasses it in both power and safety features.

The chain brake incorporated into the top hand guard gives the operator total control in jam or ‘kick-back’ situations, the lower hand guard is wide enough to protect the trigger hand from accidental chain breakage and apart from the automatic spring operated safety which is standard on all Campagnola pneumatic tools, Campagnola have also added a second safety which is located on the rear of the trigger handle.

The lightweight thermoplastic handles and magnesium motor housing design, allows for prolonged use without the operator tiring, especially in uncomfortable positions.

There are three models available:

  • Laser 8” – An 8 inch bar which cuts up to 150mm branches (weight = 2.35kg).
  • Laser 10” – A 10 inch bar which cuts up to 200mm branches (weight = 2.45kg).
  • Laser 10″ Carving – A 10 inch carving bar which cuts up to 200mm branches (weight = 2.45kg).


Technical Information

  • Easily fitted to a Campagnola extension pole.
  • A hand guard chain brake.
  • Automatic chain lubrication system.
  • Trigger assembly with active and passive safety devises.
  • ¼ inch chain profile (all models).

By mounting the Campagnola Laser to an extension pole, pruning can be conducted as high as 5 metres above ground level without the use of a ladder.